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Salmon Daniels MD

My training was anesthesiology and pain control. My love was and is primary care medicine.After few years of anesthesiology i changed to primary care.I enjoy interacting with my patients, can’t if they are asleep.I started the HEALTH & WELLNESS MEDICAL CLINIC.(solo practice) IN 1984. I still work as solo practice 32 YEARS AS OF JAN 2016. My clinics are located in heart of so. central L A CA. 90037,11, 62. SINCE 1996 WE AT HEALTHANDWELLNESSMEDICAL.COM HAVE BEEN EDUCATION THE PUBLIC ON MEDICINAL EFFECTS OF MEDICAL CANNABIS. SINCE APRIL 2013 WE AT HWMC OUR CLINICS OR 95% alt MEDICINE. OUR CITIES AND STATES ARE IN AN OPIATE FOG. I BEG YOU IN THE MEDICAL FIELD & POLITICS KEEP AN OPEN MIND ALWAYS AS A STUDENT OF SCIENCE DO UR RESEARCH AND FIND OUT IF ANY OF THE CLAIMS THAT MEDICAL CANNABIS IS HELPING PATIENTS DAILY.


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